Jay-Z - ‘03 Bonnie & Clyde feat. Beyoncé (The Blueprint2: The Gift & the Curse, 2002)

The problem is, you dudes treat the one that you lovin, with the same respect that you treat the one that you humpin’.

i had a surprisingly nice saturday night. first date i really enjoyed in years.

100% true horoscope facts


aries: sexually frustrated at everything
taurus: really nice but dead inside
gemini: mostly just hungry
cancer: in the closet but not really
leo: super gay for everyone
virgo: promises not to tell and then tells everyone
libra: lazy assholes like seriously do something with your life
scorpio: i’ve never met one but they’re all jerks
sagittarius: always boning your mom
capricorn: loves everyone but loves themselves more
aquarius: never not killing you
pisces: big booty bitches

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